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In today’s fast paced world, every organisation needs to ensure that they are constantly aligning their internal processes and systems to support the strategic direction the organisation is heading for. Very often we see organisations’ growth and development encumbered by archaic processes and obsolete structural frameworks that reduce productivity and demotivate high performing employees.

Gameplan’s experienced consultants can help organisations achieve this alignment by creating and strengthening HR policies and processes besides helping clients implement them on the ground.

The areas in which we can help include:


The challenge before most HR department employees is to turn their focus from internal functioning of the department to the external customer facing, business partner role. The focus shifts from what HR does to what HR delivers, from the activities they perform to the value that these activities create.

When this focus is shifted ‘outside-in’, we start to see dramatic changes. It must be noted that transforming HR professionals into business partners is not an end rather a means to a strategic business-oriented end.

Gameplan utilises a 4 Phase model for transforming HR.

  1. Building the business case for transformation: The ‘Why’. This phase begins with a clear rationale for why the transformation matters, knowing the business context and the implications of changing/not changing
  2. Defining the outcomes: The “What”.This phase clarifies the expected outcomes from the transformation, in terms of enhancement of capabilities both internally and externally and the impact on all stakeholders.
  1. Redesign HR: The “How”. Defining what needs to change with regards to HR as applied to departments, practices, policies, processes and people.
  2. HR Accountability: The “Who”. Who should be part of the HR transformation? What is the ownership being transferred on line managers to create sustained change? This phase defines all of these.

We integrate all the 4 steps with a set of milestones each with outcomes and activities that can be performed in order to successfully accomplish the transformation.


If variety is the spice of life, then diversity is certainly the spice of our workplaces. There is ample evidence that diverse and inclusive companies are likely to make bolder, better decisions- a critical capability especially during the current crisis. For example, diverse teams have been shown more likely to radically innovate and anticipate shifts in consumer needs and consumption patterns- helping their companies to gain a competitive edge.

At Gameplan, we help organisations embark upon or strengthen their I&D initiatives by:

  1. Designing and managing employee surveys on diversity awareness & perceptions
  2. Creating and running workshops on diversity & inclusivity
  3. Coaching teams on how to benefit from inter cultural intelligence and diversity.
  4. Building Talent Engagement systems to leverage diverse workforces.
HR Consultancy


Any organisation’s current and future operating success is tied to the “health and vibrancy” and overall “maturity” of your culture. Regardless of their unique transformation challenge (e.g., the need to be more innovative, collaborative, global, more responsive, more efficient, execute better, become more customer-focused, or even integrate or merge with another organization, etc.), the culture and how strong and vibrant it is, will determine if they succeed or fail.

Gameplan can help usher in cultural transformation within an organisation by using the 5 Cultures of Culture transformation model which looks at how overall culture is defined by five separate, but also interconnected elements

  1. Capability Culture: To what extent does the organisation develop the core competencies and skills of employees and leaders at all levels? Is there a passion and diligence displayed on the part of the senior leadership team to equip leaders and individual contributors with the skills required for individual and organizational effectiveness now and into the future?
  2. Commitment Culture: To what extent is your organization’s vision, mission and purpose one that excites and motivates leaders and employees? To what extent is authority and responsibility delegated to those who have the most up-to-date information and best information to make the best decision?
  3. Alignment Culture: To what extent is there a clear vision and strategy for the organization? To what extent do different parts of the organization and different levels share the same vision for the organization? To what extent is cooperation and consensus possible when different parts of the organization and different levels work together?
  4. Building Talent Engagement systems to leverage diverse workforces.Individual Performance Culture: To what extent is there a culture of individual excellence and execution? To what extent are leaders and employees truly “role models”? To what extent does everyone “walk the talk”? Does everyone operate with strong character and values? Are they effective leaders in how they go about their work?
  5. Team Performance Culture: To what extent is there a team and collaborative approach to getting things done in our organization? To what extent is there real involvement by everyone in helping shape the organization’s vision, mission, purpose, strategy, structure, roles and key responsibilities associated with those roles?

Based on the 5 cultures of Culture model, Gameplan will help organisations understand their unique DNA, align the employees perceptions with their own and usher in a single unified vision of what the future would look like and what role each stakeholder would have in that future.

We will administer, analyse, debrief and help create specific action plans to foster inter cultural intelligence and cultural transformation.

HR Consultancy

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