When it comes to frontline employee training, there is nothing to beat digital platforms. With the ability to learn in small chunks, every single day using their smartphones, micro learning is here to stay and prosper!

Research has shown that in order for employees to learn and implement what they have learned in their day-to-day jobs, micro learning is the most successful platform to use. At Gameplan we have been using micro learning for quite some time now, with exceptional results and superior learner experience. The reasons for this are not difficult to see. Micro learning or digital learning involves:


The learning path is personalized for every individual and the entire curriculum keeps pace with the learner’s abilities and speed. This ensures that nobody is left behind or that no topic is glossed over.


Key concepts are reinforced through repetitive learning while focusing on the topics that each learner is struggling with in order to deliver inclusive learning over a period of time.


Line managers can monitor individual and team progress through analytical dashboards that give them unique insights into the development needs of their team members.


Learners are drip fed content in small, easily digestible bites rather than overloading them with information. This has been shown to increase comprehension and knowledge is retained longer.