We love face-to-face training. We have been doing this from the very beginning and still can’t get enough of it. The energy and enthusiasm of the participants is something we feed off! Participants describe our in-person training as “Amazing”, “Exceptional”, “Inspiring” and “Thought-provoking”. We describe it as “ Fulfilling”, “Energising” and “Satisfying”.

Gameplan in-person sessions are high energy events with lots of competitive spirit, team spirit and engagement. Participants learn from the trainers but above all, learn from each other through exciting learning activities, games, case studies, role playing and group discussions.

Over 90% of the training programs we design and deliver are bespoke projects that address specific learning needs of our client organisations. These programs may be part of a bigger learning journey in which the in-person training programs feature as one of the components. Often, the learning journeys are blended forms of learning combining various modalities that may include In-person training, virtual training, micro learning etc.

Broadly speaking, the training program component of the learning journey takes the shape of one of these three categories:

Gameplan are experts in developing and executing learning & development projects related to sales and customer service. From setting up sales academies to in-field coaching, we do it all!

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Our industry leading development programs for leaders are based on contemporary frameworks and models. Fully custom built, these programs offer exceptional ROI

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At Gameplan, we deliver a wide range of skill development programs that are aimed at personal development as well as workplace productivity

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