What Lies Behind Us

What began as a conversation on a boat between two friends transformed into Gameplan as it is today. This was back in 2007 when training was seen as a ‘good to have’ once a year activity to build morale and be a recreational outlet for the employees. The founders of Gameplan believed that this attitude was stopping organisations from leveraging the power of knowledge and skills application to achieve business results. They were convinced that a new approach and philosophy to continuous development was what was needed to build future competencies.

With the advantage of being located in sunny Dubai, a melting pot of cultures and influences from around the world, yet strangely with its own identity as a modern and future city, the founders got to work. Starting with large sized clients including Philip Morris and Almarai, Gameplan’s unique approach to continuous development started gaining visibility and a reputation. This led to more clients climbing on the bandwagon. There was no looking back.

Today, Gameplan can look back at the 3000+ days of successful training and at the alumni of over 12000 people who have been “Gameplanised” with a sense of pride and satisfaction. With a bevy of marquee global brands who are proud to call us their talent partners of choice, Gameplan is constantly looking for ways to enhance learner experience as well as improve business efficiency to help their clients get more bang for their buck.

What’s Going On Presently

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving” said Albert Einstein, everyone’s favourite smart guy. In this era, every organisation must innovate or die. Fortunately, Gameplan had realized the need to move with the times by embracing technology and understanding its impact in delivering superior learner experience. This was at a time when most training companies were extremely comfortable doing things the old school way.


Getting a head start on technology has enabled us to weather the storm brought on by the global pandemic as well as the economic downturn. We have pivoted quickly to a completely virtual learning environment; thanks to the experience we had gained over the last few years. We were able to continue supporting our clients by moving completely to a virtual environment without sacrificing any of the things that made us unique- our active training methodology and our learner interaction and engagement.


Today, we are strengthening and upgrading our toolkits and adopting cutting edge tech platforms to deliver an even more satisfying and effective delivery methodology with measurable ROI and business results.

What Lies Ahead

Following our own mantra of building the competencies needed to tackle tomorrow’s challenges rather than today’s needs, we are investing into building robust technological platforms that will take the learner experience to a whole new level of interaction, engagement and knowledge absorption. These platforms were simply not available even a few years ago but are poised to grow exponentially in the years ahead.

We are also focused on improving the width and depth of our consultancy and recruitment services by offering a wide range of end-to-end project management services that our clients seek from us.

Another area of strategic growth for us in this year would be to expand our presence beyond our current reach in order to be closer to our new clients through opening new offices in new markets and regions.