Lego®Serious Play® based team building

Conventional team building exercises involve significant investment of time and money, so it is worth asking if they deliver the expected results. 
If the idea is to enjoy a day of activity and share some laughs, just about any team-building activities will hit the mark. 
If you want team members (even the shy ones) to really speak their mind, empathize with each other, and build genuine connectedness, you might want to try Lego® Serious Play®. 

Following sessions can be delivered –  

  • Trust building 
  • Goal setting 
  • Shared vision and values 
  • Collaboration 
  • Project kick-off 
  • Team ideation 
  • Innovation: barriers and solutions 

Business Strategy development using the Lego ®Serious Play® Method

Give your strategy meetings a creative boost. You have enough expertise in the meeting room, what you need is a method that allows you to think freely and innovate boldly. Are you considering how the various moving parts in your business ecosystem impact your strategy? How will you respond to a sudden change in the environment? 

Lego Serious Play allows you to war game these scenarios in a collaborative and playful way that does not allow for ‘Group Think’. The method can be used in conjunction with well-establish strategy creation models such as ‘Business Model Canvas’ and ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’