Just because you are working remotely or from home does not mean that your learning and development is compromised. At Gameplan, we were early adopters of technology-driven training platforms and we have continued to strengthen our virtual classroom and learning tools to offer learners the best virtual learning experience possible.

We use industry leading digital platforms to deliver a learning experience as close to in-person training as possible. 

Major advantages of Virtual Training & Learning:

  1. Cost Effective: Employees travelling from various locations to attend an in-person workshop are now things of the past. Distributed employees from across the globe can be in the same virtual classroom at the same time and work seamlessly with each other.
  2. Mobility: An internet connection and any device to connect is all the learner needs to be a part of the training program. All our digital platforms can be accessed through any browser without needing to download special software.
  3. Convenient: Training programs can be scheduled to suit time zone differences. Session recordings can be made available for later viewing or by those that were not able to attend the live training.
  4. Information Retention: Digital tools have inbuilt features that aid in information retention through repetitive learning, drip learning, reinforcement and testing.
  5. Participative: Learning from the comfort of their homes or their workstations makes it easier for shy participants to be more involved as the nervousness of being the center of attention in a classroom is eliminated.
Virtual Training