1. End to End Intervention: We support you from edge to edge throughout the employee learning lifecycle. Our unique 7 step process ensures that ‘no learner is left behind’ when it comes to translating knowledge into results.
  2. We walk the talk: We are all not theory but are battle scarred veterans who have been there and done that. We pepper our training sessions with real life war stories from the field and what we have learned over the years, adding great value to the participants.
  3. Our content is original and thoroughly researched: We use primary sources of information including research papers, published data, scientific research, modern trends and proven models to build our training content. Our courses incorporate best practices from around the world.
  4. Active Training methodology: We are proponents of Active Training that encourages participant engagement all the way, through focused discussions, asking questions, reflecting on shared experiences and peer learning. Our sessions are never dull!
  5. We take time to understand your specific industry and markets: We take the time and effort to go on the field with your employees to understand real life problems and build our programs to incorporate specific solutions to the issues they face.
  6. Our programs are fully customized to your needs: We do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to designing learning programs. Every single aspect of our training is attuned to your needs and broader strategic objectives of the organisation.
  7. We create Learning journeys, not training events: We never deliver one off courses that are not connected to the broader needs of your organisation. Instead, we create high performance learning journeys that stretches the learning over time and space to build lasting behaviour changes and learning retention.
  8. We leverage the power of technology fully: We are technology cheerleaders and believe that there is tremendous potential to enhance learner experience as well as training effectiveness through the proper use of technology. We use a wide variety of cutting edge tools to deliver learning that is contemporary, efficient & cost effective.
  9. We provide a complete suite of supporting documents: We do not believe that training is a “tick the box” exercise but it should lead to action subsequent to the learning. Therefore, we create various follow up templates, report formats, checklists, quick reference charts and more to enable learners to keep track of their progress.
  10. Use of validated tools for measurement: Our partnership with leading global providers of psychometric and personality assessment tools enable us to provide scientifically validated measurement of a “before” and ‘after’ knowledge absorption and on the job application of skills.