Contact Info
Rajesh Sharma
Associate Trainer


Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Florida – USA.
Professional in Human Resource Management from Institute of Leadership Management, London-UK.
Professional in Human Resource Management from Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai-UAE.
He is also dual specialized in MBA – Human Resource & Marketing.

Tell us about what you do at Gameplan?

As a content writer, I need to identify the target consumer and understand the participant’s personality, preferences, and needs. For this purpose, I take assistance from my team and review the data provided by them. I also often take insights from the customers by interacting directly with them and spend a day or two with them to understand the process which helps me in creating value-added content and in turn helps the client in achieving their long-term strategic goal. As a trainer, I deliver the content as per the client’s request in the form of training workshops, brainstorming sessions, one-to-one discussions, and experiential learning to create a long-term impact.

If there is one thing you’ve learned over the years, what would that be?

My business coach told me once, that learning never stops. We learn from the day we are born and till our last breath. Learning is a process and there is no shortcut to success. People tend to make high goals without having any clarity on how to achieve them. The key is to take small steps which are visible, realistic, and achievable. Keep your goals backed up with the process of how they will be achieved. Be realistic, and unreasonable, and hold yourself accountable for your action.

When you are not training, what would you be doing?

I love to spend quality time on myself. I love music as it keeps me happy. I love going out on long drives, enjoy the serenity of nature and very few would be surprised that I am a hardcore shopaholic. I take time to read articles, and journals and do my research which I can use in my training delivery. I also love creating my creatives which I use in my training content, so I spend quality time on Adobe Illustrator.