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Debs Craine

Tell us about what you do at Gameplan?

I have been involved in Gameplan since 2008 and have enjoyed putting all of my best talents to the task ever since . My main role is working behind the scenes making sure that our Trainers are well prepared and have all of the wide ranging materials that they use to make Gameplan Training fun and engaging. I have a great eye for detail and enjoy joining in on brainstorming sessions with the team on how we can make every single training event both memorable and the best possible learning experience that we can for our learners.

If there is one thing you’ve learned over the years, what would that be?

I think that the people often underestimate their own true potential and that we are all capable of achieving great personal goals with the right motivation, direction and confidence.  Ultimately, people should all feel empowered to find out exactly what it is that they excel at and follow their dreams by doing what they enjoy.

When you are not training, what would you be doing?

I love to spend my time with my wonderful family, I have a few personal hobbies as well which include; upcycling furniture, making jewelry, decorating and I really enjoy walking our dogs and finally, there is always plenty of ‘happily singing my way through the day’ .