Contact Info
Debbie Thornley
Associate Consultant


Qualified Teacher – British Curriculum

Tell us about what you do at Gameplan?

I have recently joined the team at Gameplan, in a Specialist Trainer capacity.  My specialties lie in Business Communication and English training.

If there is one thing you’ve learned over the years, what would that be?

Perseverance and resilience are key in ensuring personal success. Recognise your strengths, capabilities and passions and use these to work towards your life goals, whilst not being afraid to learn and develop other skills along the way.  Balancing professional and personal time is paramount in creating a holistic lifestyle.

When you are not training, what would you be doing?

My family are the pinnacle of my life success. I enjoy nothing more than spending my free time with my family, enjoying the outdoors, and appreciating time together.  I also love travelling, experiencing the history, culture, and food of various countries.